The first party game with real awards and victory points for laughter

15-30 minutes / Age: 10+ / 3-10 players / Published by: A-games


Our first board game to be published is Wombattle.
We have put our heart and soul in this unconventional
party game that features easy to learn rules and unexpected
laughter for all types of players.In Wombattle, players strive
for real awards, unfolding talents even they did not know
about! We have tested the game over and over to make
sure each game play is different and to create a game
that all player teams can tailor to their style and rhythm.

WOMBATTLE has been introduced to the international public at
Essen Spiel 2018 - the main European trade show of the
industry – and is already available in various
 shops internationally.  


Partners & Friends

A-Games: The first publisher who noticed the sparkle in our eyes and appreciated our ideas and ground breaking plans. A-Games works with local game designers (Hungary) but for the international market. In 2018, A-Games’s card game Sakura (by Hegedűs Csaba) won the Hungarian Board Game award for the best game developed in Hungary. A-Games is the publisher of Wombattle, our first board game and we hope to have the chance to learn more from them while working on our next games together.                              


We can not be grateful enough to many of our friends who helped us to test,
to shoot pix & films,  to draw, to think over, to build, to let go and to find again…
Huge thanks to all of you: Bogó Dávid & Ági, Ujvári Péter, Szabó Gergő, Máthé Krisztina, Vágvölgyi Péter, Baumann Áron, Fellegi Dénes, Fónagy Dániel, the Mindclash Games team, Csepeli Eszter, Csernyi Tibor, Bosnyák Dorottya & Bálint, Nemes Csilla & Márk, Kondorosy Mátka & Viola, Bátor Kinga & Domonkos, Gulyás Lenke & Botond, Kovács Dés & Lénárd.

Work in Progress

At Azaki Games, we design and develop games that neither grown-ups,
nor kids will ever get bored with. Our games are all about laughter,
unnoticed competence development and joyful social experiences.
We experiment with thrilling crossover games which are not over when
the game finishes but link actively to everyday life and open new channels
to connect with our beloved ones.


It takes a lot of work and a long way to go for a game idea to become a
boxed board game available on the shelves of game shops.
We currently work on a party game that challenges memory and raises
fundamental actual social issues.  A kid’s game stimulating creativity
is also a work in progress and we will soon proceed to the detailed
development and testing of a large scale family game.

Abdulwahab Liána
game designer, PR expert
Szilágyi Andrea
game designer, teacher
Maróthy Judit
game designer, economist
Szabó Edina
game designer, special education teacher
Schmal Róza
game designer, illustrator


We are five game designers in Azaki Team: five women who like to play and create games –
and this is what brought us together. There is an important female presence in video game development,
but in board games, even gender balanced developer teams are rare. Working together recharges us all
with positive energy and we put a crumble of it for youin each and every game of ours.



Any Questions or anything to share with us?
Would you like to join us testing games before they get published?
Does your company need a game of its own?
Are you into game publishing or game development?

We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a mail and we will get back to you.